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Over the past couple of years, From The Jam have gained a huge reputation for recreating the kind of incendiary live performances that sealed the world-wide reputation of The Jam back in their 70s/80s heyday.

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Bruce Foxton is a part of the English Rock and Roll establishment. A musician who is most commonly recognised as the bass player in legendary The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers. In The Jam, he and drummer Rick Buckler were the driving force, power and rhythm section behind singer, guitarist, and songwriter Paul Weller. Bruce’s versatility is evident,...
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    From The Jam
      2.5 stars, from 2 Fan reports
  • London - KOKO


    Good fun from Frenchy, 02/07/13
    Saw Bruce Foxton at KOKO in Camden. was a good set, there is a definite difference from the crowd when he played the Jam hits as opposed to his own stuff. All in all was a good night. Im too young to have seen The Jam in their Heyday - but From The Jam came pretty close.
  • Islington Empire -


    From The Jam from Essex Loyal, 23/11/11
    Bruce is showing his age with mood swings and I would never waste my money on watching the band again after Bruce walked off stage at the Islington Empire claiming someone threw beer, which in truth did happen but never landed anywhere near him or the stage. Bruce if you can't live up to Weller then stay at home put your slippers on and watch X Factor !

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