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In the South Side of Chicago in the 1920s, several basketball players led by Tommy Brookins formed a team called the Globetrotters. They renamed themselves to the New York Harlem Globetrotters, and began touring Illinois and Iowa. They started as a serious, competitive team with a flair for entertainment. They would only start to employ this creative flair, though, if they were safely in the lead.

They gradually started working comic routines into their act, until they became more known for this than the actual game. Their games often featured incredible coordination, and tricks such as juggling, spinning, balancing and unusual shots. Their exhibition games were often performed against a stooge team, but they started getting back involved with competitive basketball in 1993. Over the years the team has expanded to create more than one exhibitive team, allowing them to play over 365 games a year. Harlem Globetrotters tickets were selling out for most games they played.

The phenomenon of the Harlem Globetrotters just gets bigger and bigger with each passing year, and they have entertained everyone from presidents to popes. They have broken their own world records for slam-dunk heights numerous times; Michael “Wild Thing” Wilson and Sean “Elevator” Williams hold the Guiness World Record of 11 feet, 10 inches. They are almost constantly breaking their own world records, and Harlem Globetrotters tickets sell because people want to see the raw energy the players bring, game after game.

The Globetrotters are celebrating 85 years of touring the world this year with an extensive tour that will see them perform at arenas across the country in March. Harlem Globetrotters tickets guarantee you’ll see an exceptional game of basketball – it’s definitely worth seeing them if you have a chance, even if you’re not big on sports. The entertainment itself is enough!

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