Harrogate Theatre

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Harrogate Theatre
6 Oxford Street,
HG1 1QF Harrogate

Venue information

Today the theatre continues to attract good audiences with a varied programme of produced and toured in work, it also hosts a number of amateur companies and has a thriving Youth Theatre.

On 26 October 2007 the Theatre revealed the culmination of thirteen weeks of intensive refurbishment and restoration with a grand unveiling of their Main Auditorium. This major facelift completed the first phase of a planned building wide refurbishment.

In Summer 2008 the second phase of refurbishment took place which saw the Stalls Bar, Box Office and remaining public stairwells completely transformed.

The Stalls Bar was completely refigured with the bar moving position, brand new seating and a performance space being installed.

The Box Office was also completely overhauled with many new features being added including the addition of specially designed lower counter to ensure that Harrogate Theatre continues to be accessible to all.

The remaining public stairwells were redecorated to match the colours of the lower foyer which was completed the year before to evoke the original colour scheme from the Theatre's opening in 1900. Alongside this new chandeliers were specially cast to match those in the main auditorium.

In Summer 2009, the third phase of refurbishment took place which saw the Circle Bar completely renovated and many of its original features restored.

Currently there are no events for the Harrogate Theatre .

Harrogate Theatre
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Selected reviews for this venue:

Tony from Leeds, 13/01/15
Tommy Emmanuel (13/01/15) - Terrific show
Just seen Tommy at Harrogate tonight. Simply incredible to hear and watch him play guitar. Great night. I dont think there is a better guitarist out there anywhere at the moment. The support Anthony Snape is also well worth seeing. Great voice. Cant beat Tommy on guitar but hes got him on the voice! Great to see them both on stage together at the end.
Address: Harrogate Theatre
6 Oxford Street, HG1 1QF Harrogate
Public transport
Public Transport
The railway and bus station are less than two minutes walk from the Theatre.

By road
By Road
From the South M1, A1(M)
From the North A1
From the West M62
From the East

Harrogate Theatre is on Oxford Street which is part of Harrogate Borough Council's pedestrianisation programme. Between 10.30am and 5pm no traffic is permitted to enter the street. However, outside these hours theatre patrons are able to drive down Oxford Street to drop off and collect passengers at the front doors of the theatre. During the day the nearest dropping off point is Cheltenham Crescent at the rear of the Theatre.


Harrogate Theatre Parking Information

The roads around the Theatre are meter pay parking until 6pm after which time the parking is free until 9am the following morning.

For long stay parking the following options are available:

Jubilee Long Stay
Union Street, Harrogate, HG1 1BS

Access to the car park is from Cheltenham Crescent only with two exit points. It is open all days from 07:00 – 23:59 hours. Vehicles can be left in the car park after closure subject to paying the appropriate parking fee on exit the next day. The car park is locked overnight. Drivers who want their vehicle to be released after the car park has been locked for the night will incur a release fee of £60.

Parking Charges
Up to 1 hour £1.30
Up to 2 hours £2.60
Up to 3 hours £3.90
Up to 4 hours £5.20
Up to 5 hours £6.50
Up to 6 hours £7.80
Up to 7 hours £9.10
Up to 8 hours £10.40
Up to 9 hours £11.70
Up to 24 hours £13.00
Evening charge (18:00 - 24:00 hours) £2.00

To view the location of this Car Park on a map click here.

Victoria Long Stay
East Parade, Harrogate, HG1 1AE

The car park is open Monday – Saturday from 07:00 – 19:30 hours. On Sunday and Bank Holidays (excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day) the car park will be open 10:00 – 19:00 hours. Vehicles can be left in the car park after closure subject to paying the appropriate parking fee on exit the next day. The car park is locked overnight. Drivers who want their vehicle to be released after the car park has been locked for the night will incur a release fee. The release fee before midnight is £35 and the release fee after midnight is £60.

Up to 1 hour £1.00
Up to 2 hours £2.00
Up to 3 hours £3.00
Up to 4 hours £4.00
Up to 5 hours £5.00
Up to 6 hours £6.00
Up to 7 hours £7.00
Up to 8 hours £8.00
Up to 9 hours £9.00
Up to 24 hours £10.00


Harrogate Theatre aims to be as accessible as possible to all members of its audience. It is hoped that the following information will help you plan your visit, and answer your queries about accessibility at Harrogate Theatre.

If you would like to discuss your particular requirements or have questions which are not answered below please contact the Harrogate Theatre Box Office on 01423 502 116, or by email to: info@harrogatetheatre.co.uk

Harrogate Theatre Assisted Performances

We now offer a full range of Captioned, Audio Described and British Sign Language Interpreted Performances for selected productions. For full information please download Harrogate Theatre's Assisted Performances newsletter Summer 2010 at the bottom of this page.

Harrogate Theatre have been working with the national See a Voice project to develop their access provision. The aim of See a Voice is to enable venues, across England, to offer good quality assisted performances and to increase and promote the opportunities for deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, partially sighted and blind people to attend performing arts events. As part of See a Voice project the theatre has access to new, state of the art equipment, as well as receiving staff training to improve awareness and support to develop audiences for assisted performances.

Tickets are half-price for users of the assisted performances.

Audio Description offers a live commentary for audience members with visual impairments. The description will start about 20 minutes before the show and includes information on the production. The audio describers then provide commentary on the action and visual effects throughout the performance. This information is relayed over an infrared system to individual headsets which are available free of charge from the Box Office.

Touch Tours
offer blind and visually impaired members of the audience a chance to orientate themselves with the set and costumes immediately prior to an audio described performance. Those wishing to take part in a Touch Tour should register with the Box Office when booking tickets for the performance.

BSL (British Sign Language) Interpretation offers deaf and hearing impaired audience members a live translation of all spoken words and sound effects into sign language. Please mention when you contact the Box Office that you are booking for the BSL interpreted performance so you can be allocated seats with the best view of the signer.

Captioned Performances converts the spoken word into text that provides people who are deaf, deafened and hard of hearing or anyone who had difficulty hearing access to live performance. In captioning, the words appear on a screen at the same time as they are spoken or sung. Captions also include sound effects and offstage noises. Please mention when you contact the Box Office that you are booking for the captioned performance so you can be allocated seats with the best view of the caption box.

Harrogate Theatre Access Information
Wheelchair Users - Level access is possible to the Theatre Foyer and Box Office from Oxford Street. Access to the Stalls seating area of the auditorium, the Stalls Bar, and an accessible toilet is via Cheltenham Parade. There are four wheelchair spaces in the rear of the Stalls and all spaces are next to a seat for your companion. Access internally between the Foyer and other areas of the Theatre, including the Stalls, Stalls Bar, adapted toilet, Circle Bar, and Studio Theatre is possible by using the Theatre’s Stairclimber (see below).

Steps and Stairs -There are many steps and stairs in Harrogate Theatre, and level access is only possible as described above. There is a minimum of 11 steps between the Foyer and the Stalls, 21 stairs between the Foyer and the Circle landing and the Circle Bar, and 23 stairs between the Circle landing and the Studio landing. There are 25 steps between the Studio landing and the Balcony seating area. Each staircase has at least one handrail.

Stairclimber -The Theatre has a Liftkar PT-Uni Stairclimber which lifts wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties up and down stairs safely. It is compatible with around 95% of manual wheelchairs, and is also supplied with a wheelchair to enable it to be used by the other 5%, by people with incompatible wheelchairs (generally electric), and by people without a wheelchair. The Stairclimber is operated by trained Theatre Staff.

Blind and Partially Sighted visitors -Assisting Dogs are welcome in the Theatres at Harrogate Theatre, alternatively we can look after your dog during the performance. We will also be happy to arrange a touch tour of the set and props and an opportunity to meet key members of the cast before the performance. Please ask to arrange this when you book your tickets. A large print and Braille version of our brochure is available from the Box Office.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing visitors - There is an infra-red induction loop fitted in the auditorium, compatible with a ‘T’ switch on your hearing aid. Neck loop receivers are available from the Theatre for you to borrow free of charge during the performance. These can also be used by deafened or hard of hearing patrons without a hearing aid. If you wish to use a Neck Loop Receiver please inform a member of staff.

People with Learning Difficulties and Group Visits -Theatre staff will try to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. If you would like to arrange a familiarisation tour before the performance, or receive a synopsis of the play please contact the Box Office on 01423 502116.

Toilets -There is a wheelchair accessible toilet adjacent to the Stalls Seating Area and Stalls Bar. Other toilets are available adjacent to the Stalls Bar, and on the 1st Floor Circle level.

Bars -Both the Stalls Bar (located on the ground floor) and Circle Bar (located on the first floor) are open one hour prior to a performance serving pre-show and interval drinks. We can assist patrons in the bars or bring you drinks in the Auditoriums.

Studio Theatre -The Studio Theatre is located on the 2nd floor and is accessible by climbing 44 stairs in two flights with a handrail on one side only, or by using the stairclimber. Studio seating is generally unreserved so please mention your access requirements when making your booking. There is currently no induction loop or infra-red system in the Studio.

Parking -There is reserved Blue Badge parking for three cars adjacent to Harrogate Theatre on Cheltenham Parade. Other street parking nearby is metered and resident zone controlled. The Jubilee Car Park on Cheltenham Road is just a five minute walk from Harrogate Theatre. Harrogate Theatre has no dedicated or reserved parking.

Discounted Ticket Prices -Concessionary tickets are available to some disabled patrons, their companions, and to people who receive wage related benefits. Please ask for full details when you book your tickets.