Hugh Cornwell was born in Tufnell Park, North London, and grew up in Kentish Town, attending school in Highgate. After going to the University of Bristol and gaining a degree in biochemistry, he started a postgraduate research post in Lund University, Sweden. It was in Sweden that he formed the band Johnny Sox.

Upon his return to the UK in 1974, he brought his band back with him and Jet Black joined. They would later change their name to the Guildford Stranglers, and finally, the Stranglers. In 1975, Dave Greenfield joined the band after replying to an ad placed in Melody Maker magazine. In 1977 they secured a record deal with United Artists Records, and became one of the most successful bands to emerge from the UK punk scene, with a multitude of hit singles and albums.

When the punk scene started to fade, Cornwell decided to embark on a solo career. His collaboration with Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band’s drummer, Robert Williams, came out in 1979. Hugh Cornwell tickets drew a lot of interest for fans of the Stranglers and new fans alike, and his reputation as a world-class live performer was set in stone.

Since he left the band, Hugh Cornwell tickets have sold in plentiful amounts, just like his solo albums. Wolf (1998), Wired (1993), Guilty (1997), Hi Fi (2000), Footprints in the Desert (2002), Mayday (2002) In the Dock (2003) and Beyond Elysian Fields (2004) were all accompanied by successful Hugh Cornwell tours, tickets for which have always been popular.

In 2006, a Blondie and Hugh Cornwell tour took place in the UK, where he previewed new material. In June 2008, this new material was offered up as a free download on his website, in the form of the album, Hooverdam. The album has seen immense success and the upcoming Hugh Cornwell tour (tickets for which are on sale now) are in huge demand as he will be previewing more new material.