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Islington Assembly Hall London
4.6 (5 Reviews)
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Mallorie, 14/07/14
We thought the venue was clean and the staff were very professional and helpful. The security team were in evidence but not heavy handed and we felt safe. The acoustics of the hall were very good, it was not overpoweringly loud. We travelled on public transport so cannot comment on the parking. We would certainly come to another gig at this venue.
Snakecharmer (14/07/14) - Great Gig, Great Venue!
My daughters and I went to see Snakecharmer because we all like Accident Prone, the single. I heard that the band was made up of members of such acclaimed bands as Whitesnake, Wishbone Ash and Magnum and so we knew that they should be an amazing mix. We were not disappointed! We have not been to this venue before and we liked it a lot. The staff were professional and helpful and when the support band, Raw Glory, came on we were very impressed with the sound quality in the hall. Raw Glory were very good; the vocalist was excellent and the band had a full sound despite there only being one guitarist, a bassist and drummer. Snakecharmer came on and filled the stage up! I understand they had a stand-in keyboard player since Adam Wakeman is away playing with Ozzie Osbourne and he did a great job. I have loved twin guitar rock since I saw Thin Lizzy in the 70s on their Live and Dangerous tour and Micky Moody and Laurie Wisefield were just brilliant; their styles complemented each other well. Micky did a solo spot which showcased his playing beautifully but didnt go on too long and become self indulgent. Neil Murray and Harry James did a great job on bass and drums and Chris Ouseys amazing vocals topped it off perfectly. He spoke to the audience as well between songs which is appreciated. My daughters were so impressed as well, saying that it was a very good gig and they were glad to have seen it. The band were so tight, polished and professional and full of energy. After the show they came out to sign autographs. They were friendly and chatty and were kind enough to sign their photos in the booklet from the CD I had bought. The lady at the merchandise stall was very helpful and provided a pen! All in all, we were very impressed with the venue and both the bands. We would certainly come to another gig at the Assembly Hall and will keep an eye open for more Snakecharmer gigs and Raw Glory too. Many thanks to everyone involved.
I. MACFADYEN, 17/03/14
The security was certainly present, - not sure it was needed though in the sense that most of us were OAPs! No, thats thats not entirely true, but we were definitely a very well behaved lot!
The Impressions (17/03/14) - The Impressions - Soul Royalty!
Took me way back to the 60s,- and this event was so different from the likes of the Temptations/Four Tops tours (Wembley, Royal Albert Hall, London O2 etc). This was a small almost intimate venue with a friendly personal atmosphere, - standing, not consigned to allocated seats, - I was just 15 feet away from the group! And after the show the Impressions met the audience and signed their autographs. Cant imagine anything like that being possible with todays bands. This is how I remember the concerts in the 60s, far more personal, a much better view, a far greater connection between the artist and the audience. Fantastic all round!
Denise, 19/03/13
Anthony David (19/03/13) - Great time
He was wonderful, good artist to see and very accomodating to his fans. He made the crowd join in with him and even sung to a lady to get off her phone lol.

When he came out to sign his cds he just went with the flow and took pictures with whoever wanted to. Well done
Barry Waples, 26/02/13
Snakecharmer (26/02/13) - GREAT EVENT
Excellent gig by a brilliant band at a great venue. Sat centre front of balcony, the sound was spot-on. Definitely would see the band again and will keep a lookout for who else plays the venue. Ta very much, Barry
Colin Moulton, 18/02/13
I was able to park close to the venue, the staff were polite and helpful and the venue was clean and well presented. I was able to get served quickly at the bar even when it was busy a very nice venue.
Betty Wright (18/02/13) - Brilliant event
The Betty Wright concert was a brilliant experience, the crowd were singing along with Betty's many hits, the venue was perfect and band sounded brilliant I really enjoyed the experience and wont hesitate to go and see her again. she was well worth every penny.