Jack Johnson is a Hawaii-born singer-songwriter, famous for his mellow acoustic style of music. His father is a well-known surfer Jeff Johnson, and this influenced Jack to start surfing when he was only five. He had a brief stint as a pro-surfer from the age of 17, but had to stop due to an injury he sustained at the Pipeline Masters competition, at which he was the youngest contestant.

Johnson started making music after this and caught the attention of Ben Harper’s producer, J.P Plunier with his four-track demo. They worked together on Johnson’s debut album Brushfire Fairytales, which was released in February of 2001. During this time, Johnson was also directing and filming surfing movies after studying film at the University of California. He, his wife Kim and friend Emmett Malloy started a record label (Brushfire Records – originally known as Moonshine Conspiracy Records) to provide soundtracks for these movies which they were making for a company called The Moonshine Conspiracy (now Woodshed Films). Johnson directed and composed the soundtrack for The September Sessions, which was released in 2002. He then started work on a new album, On And On, which was to be released on his own label in May 2003.

His big break came with the follow-up to this album, though: In Between Dreams propelled him into the charts in the US and the UK. Singles Break Down; Sitting, Waiting, Wishing; Good People and Better Together encouraged people to take notice and the album was a commercial and critical success.

The follow up was a soundtrack: Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George, released in 2006. It went straight to number one – and was the first animated film soundtrack to top the Billboard 100 since the Pochahontas soundtrack in 1995.

His fourth full length album was recorded using 100% solar energy. Can this man do no wrong? Musical, sporty and ethical! The album was titled Sleep Through the Static and was followed by a world tour in 2008. His fifth album, To The Sea, is accompanied by a tour, for which Jack Johnson tickets are on sale now. He continues to employ his creativity in filmmaking as well as his music, and he has also produced Animal Liberation Orchestra’s album Man of the World. Johnson is married to wife Kim with three children, living on the North Shore of Oahu.