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From 22/08/17 to 23/09/17 there are 38 events taking place. The next event is in LONDON.

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    Jesus Christ Superstar
      4.2 stars, from 6 Fan reports
  • Leeds - Leeds Arena


    Seating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Anne, 11/10/13
    The actual performance was fantastic. However the seating arrangement for the actual staging used was ridiculous. We booked our seats as soon as tickets were available...end of February. I bought the tickets for my granddaughter as a surprise 18th birthday present, for her my daughter and myself. We looked at the artist impression of the arena and thought we had chosen good seats, near to the stage and a good view. This was not the case, half of the stage was obscured by the lighting, props, musicians etc. The tickets werent cheap and the booking fees were extortionate. I was very disappointed with the seating arrangements and very much doubt that I will be visiting the Leeds Arena again
  • Leeds - Leeds Arena


    Tim Minchin from Anne, 11/10/13
    Tim Minchin as Judas was an absolute superstar. A fantastic performance by all the cast. A fabulous evening for all ages, I took my daughter and granddaughter (an 18th birthday present)
  • Leeds - first direct arena


    Fantastic show but poor organisation at the arena from Col, 11/10/13
    Our seat had been cordoned off and so we had to join a huge queue to swap the tickets. We werent told this however until we asked someone why our seats werent available. So we had 10 minutes to swap the tickets before the show started. We were not happy :( We did however get a seat just in time and the show was fantastic. There was also disturbance at the start of the show as members of the audience started vaulting over the seats to try to get a better seat further forward.

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