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Born January 24 1966 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Jimeoin McKeown is a comedian and actor well known for his work in stand-up comedy and film. When he was 22, he moved to Australia and acquired work as a gardener. Jimeoin has received critical acclaim for his witty and charming comedy style and is considered one of the best comics of his generation. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. He and his wife, Catherine Arena, have three children.

In 1992, he played the character “Convict Griffin” in the television sitcom Bligh. In 1994, he starred in a comedy television programme that ran for three seasons titled Jimeoin and 1 cup. His television appearances include Full Frontal (1993-1997), Thank God You’re Here (2006), Good News Week (2008-2010) and Spicks and Specks (2010).

Jimeoin has made three CDs titled Forklift Truck (1997), Crack (1995) and the 2-CD set Goin' Off (1993). He has also made two DVDs named The Jimeoin: All Over the Shop (2003), and Third Drawer Down (2004).

Together with fellow collaborator and co-star Niger Bob Franklin, Jimeoin has co-written the Australian film comedies The Craic (1999) and The Extra (2005). The Craic was hugely popular with Australian audiences and went on to have the second highest box office gross in Australian-produced film history.

Jimeoin has toured prolifically throughout the outback of Australia. From 2005-2008, Jimeoin was featured in a television series for BBC North Ireland called Jimeoin Down Under. Jimeoin sold tickets for shows everywhere from cattle ranches to hotels to swimming pools and became the first comedian to tour “over the top” of the country.

Jimeoin tickets to his live comedy tours in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia often sell out. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival often adds extra shows for him due to popular demand.

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