Lucy Rose’s journey began, when she hopped on a train to London leaving behind the house in which she grew up in rural Warwickshire and struck out for the big city and the big time.

Armed with an acoustic guitar and an unstoppable dedication, Lucy Rose played every open-mic imaginable, she met people on the way who are still with her now and with their support and her graft she learned the ropes.

As her songs and sentiments spread their warmth through the iciest of hearts, Lucy became that most modern of phenomenon; she went ‘viral’.

Her biggest video has clocked up over 600,000 views and on average her sessions and videos are receiving 250,000 views each. Lucy often lends her vocal talents to Bombay Bicycle Clubs live shows and features on the bands previous 2 albums Flaws and A Different Kind Of Fix.

Her Band consist of guitarist Björn Ågren, drummer Sam Nadel, bassist Joe Steer from Broadcast 2000 and multi-instrumentalist Alex Eichenberger .

She has three singles out; Middle of the Bed, Scar and Red Face.