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Madeleine Peyroux - Tickets

Madeleine Peyroux  - Tickets
20 years after her recording debut, ‘Dreamland’, Madeleine Peyroux continues her musical journey of exploring beyond the ordinary with ‘Secular Hymns’, a spirited and soulful masterwork of loping, skipping, sassy, feisty and sexy tunes delivered in a captivating mélange of funk, blues and jazz.

“Music has been our spiritual life,” she says. “So I think of these as hymns, secular hymns—songs that are very individual, personal, introverted.”

Madeleine will be performing them live at a select few venues this May/June.

"There’s an immaculate simplicity about the way Madeleine Peyroux and her two accompanists treat these 10 songs… the candour of Peyroux’s approach, the warm intimacy of her voice and the incisive clarity of the arrangements draw [the songs] together." - The Guardian