Motorhead are an English hardcore rock band from London. Their only original member and front-man Ian Kilmister; known as Lemmy, is the bassist and the group songwriter. Motorhead will tour the UK in November 2012 and tickets will be available on Eventim UK from 9am on Friday the 27th of April. As well as the Motorhead tour, Lemmy’s side project HeadCat will be releasing brand new album Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk in July this and a Live DVD will be released later in the year.

Motorhead are often compared to new wave hardcore rock in their style, and often referred to as the ‘Power Trio’. They had their best success in the early 80s and entered the top 40 singles charts multiple times with entries such as Ace of Spades, Bomber and Overkill.

The group are usually categorised as heavy metal or speed metal, but they have fusions of new age style music as well as punk influence in their work. Their lyrics depict those of most heavy rock groups including war, violence, drugs and sex.

The front-man Lemmy had been forced to leave his old group due to his drug use. He then wanted to start a new band and after deciding a cruder name wouldn’t allow them to achieve full exposure, they settled on Motorhead.

The band’s debut album was self titled and though it had a full tour didn’t perform as well as they hoped. Motorhead did not rise to fame until their next albums; Overkill and Bomber. This involved an extensive tour including appearing at the Reading festival. This led to future success as people witnessed this unique punk heavy rock band and many were looking forward to a new album.

During August and September 1980 their fourth album The Ace of Spades was being recorded, with the single Ace of Spades being a popular taster of what was to come in the album’s release in November 1980.

Throughout the production of the albums came many tours and festivals. These were packed out and Motorhead tickets sold extremely quickly as their popularity through the late 80s kept growing. A staggering amount of top albums were being produced including Bastards in 1993. As the 90s progressed the popularity for the band was decreasing but they were still keen to continue performing. Bastards was originally the proposed name for the new brand but the idea fell through when they realised they wouldn’t receive many offers from Top of the Pops to perform!

Tours and concerts are always fully packed, and Motorhead tickets sell quickly for their phenomenal concerts in which the fans get to see one of the greatest power-trios still performing.