Newcastle Metro Radio Arena - Accessibility

Accessibility Information

Request Accessible Seating Tickets

To better accommodate your needs, Metro Radio Arena has requested that all accessible seating ticket accommodations be solicited only through their representatives. Please contact a Metro Radio Arena representative for further help with your ticket purchase.* Advance ticket purchase may be required.

For those with difficulty operating a telephone please email Please note this email address is only for patrons who cannot operate a telephone, all other enquiries should be made via the booking hotline.

* Box office information is subject to change.

Accessibility Booking Hotline: 0191 260 6066

Pregnant Ladies Attending Concerts

Before attending a concert or event at the Arena you should carry out your own risk assessment.

We strongly advise that you discuss the situation with your GP and take his/her advice; you should consider the following:

The type of event i.e. heavy rock concert with lots of bass/vibration
Crowds, i.e. the type of audience i.e. lots of movement and jumping around
Standing/seating concerts. Standing is not recommended for pregnant ladies

Please take into account the noise and crowds that come with the type of concert/event that you wish to attend when making your decision.

Disabled Parking Facilities

We have many designated disabled parking bays available on site at no charge for badge holders (the badge holder must be present in the vehicle).

Metro Radio Arena Box Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9.30am - 4.00pm
Saturday: 9.30am - 3.00pm
Saturday Evening Events - the Box Office will be open all day
Sunday: Closed Evening Events - Box Office will be open from 3pm

May Bank Holiday hours
Monday 2nd May: CLOSED Monday 30th May: CLOSED

On event days the Box Office will be open until the main act goes on stage

The Arena Box Office has a low window to facilitate wheelchair access to services.