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Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
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Wolf, 24/07/14
The review is clear. The acoustics leave the sound just loud, the tones are lost in the roof somewhere and the voices just harsh. Despite constant complaint nothing has been done, there are so many inadequate viewing points to the arena, instead of bringing in better seating and utilising the floor space better they have installed big screens, isnt that like watching the DVD with dodgy sound? For the money you spend, not even including the vastly overpriced bar, you expect better, much better. The atmosphere was boosted by Elton John so have added a check more than I would have.
Elton John (24/07/14) - Elton John Rocked but the venue...
I have to say from the start that Elton John was a take it or leave it artist for me but that was before the concert, live was just an unbelievable experience. The feeling and enthusiasm he performs with is just incredible. His band compliment him perfectly. Songs I hadnt really had much time for took on an entirely different meaning and was genuinely moved to tears by some and lifted from my seat for others. Elton was 5*and then some, the venue however isnt. The acoustics just dont work well and there are some vantage points that are very poor, so much floor space was left unused and what could be am intimate and rich sounding venue is made cold and alienating. It can be simply fixed but never has been, big screens are the sticking player fix and it just isnt the same. Elton John was fantastic, incredible and Im sure could have played another hour without fatigue and I would have loved it. The venue just isnt good enough, it needs to spend money getting the acoustics right. Oh and the bar prices are phenomenal, if you need a drink get one from the many bars on the way in. Even the bar staff, friendly and polite, were apologetic. A special mention for Bright Light, Bright Light who were excellent. Clever and meaningful lyrics thoughtfully performed. They are an incredibly underrated band that deserve this platform. Have I said Elton John was incredible?
First Time Elton Attendee, 08/07/14
Elton John (08/07/14) - Excellent Performance
Great performance from the artist and the band. Music of the highest level. His voice was great, as was the piano playing.
Elizabeth Murray, 08/07/14
Did not enjoy the venue the acoustics were terrible, could not hear the words of the songs from both support group and Elton John.
Elton John (08/07/14) - Elton John at Metro radio Arena Newcastle
I am sorry to say I was very disappointed with Eltons concert, was so looking forward to this venue. We could not hear the words Elton was singing as the music was so distorted it drowned out his singing. Having paid £150 for two tickets we think the organisers should have done a lot better with the sound quality. As a result of this we left after 1 hour, as a result of this I do not think we will be back to the Metro Radio Arena. yours sincerly E.Murray
paul Walt, 04/07/14
My 1st time. Drinks were a little bit to expensive. Our seats were fantastic even though quite far from the stage. My advice would be, check out the layout. Everything else I was really pleased with.
Robbie Williams (04/07/14) - awesome
A gift to my gf. Robbie was fantastic. Seating was great. Drinks were a little pricy but it was a special occasion with memories to last a life time. Now you cant put a price on that.
Jules, 04/07/14
Robbie Williams (04/07/14) - Swing both ways
Another fab show by Robbie. Brilliant songs and had the audience singing along as usual. Was more like a theatre show than a pop concert - would go see it again and again and again.
Robbies number 1 fan, 04/07/14
Robbie Williams (04/07/14) - Swing Both Ways
Absolutely fantastic! The best show Robbie has ever done. Who doesnt like a fat popstar?
Mum67, 04/07/14
Choice of food poor and not good value for money. Could do with more variety of food and healthier choices. Getting out of car park was a nightmare and took forever.
Robbie Williams (04/07/14) - Great entertainment!
Fantastic show, with lots of variety. I wasnt sure what to expect but I have to say Robbie is such a great showman, he communicates so well with the audience, and they have you entertained from start to finish with great performances from Robbie, the band and the dancers. Great night.
SHELL N GAZ, 04/07/14
Robbie Williams (04/07/14) - AMAZING!!!
Tracy, 03/07/14
Robbie Williams (03/07/14) - Fantastic
This is the best show Ive been to at the Newcastle Arena - Robbie puts on a fabulous show - come back soon !!!
Liz, 03/07/14
It was congested in the corridors due to the standing room only on the arena floor. Everyone in the seats had to use the same corridor with no access across the floor. Not enough time to get from your seat to the refreshments and back again in the break.
Robbie Williams (03/07/14) - Fantastic night
It was great being so close to the stage. Good views. Robbie is a brilliant entertainer. A fantastic night.
Paul, 03/07/14
They could do with widening the seats a bit. Im not huge, but bits hang over the edges. Quite uncomfortable trying to squeeze in with other people.
Once In A Lifetime (03/07/14) - Fantastic Show
What a fantastic night. 4 acts, The Bay City Rollers, Showaddywaddy, David Essex and The Osmonds. The whole show was fantastic and the sound was superb. Youd think that as they were all famous 40 yrs ago or so, that they would not sound as good as they once did, but they amazed me by giving an absolutely great show, sounding equally as good as they did all those years ago. The guy who took over as lead singer with Showaddywaddy did an extremely good job and a lady sat next to me thought he was the original singer, so well done to him. A night to remember.
Lisarti, 18/06/14
POOOOOOOR venue, I will never go back again, Ive seen Elbow, Arcade Fire, Keane, Dolly Parton and the Mighty Boosh there and I wont ever go again. Its hot, seats are terrible and cramped and the view of the stage is crap.
Dolly Parton (18/06/14) - Not a great venue for such a lovely lady
I HATE the Metro radio arena in Newcastle, I think its totally soulless and every time I go I swear I will never go back.. then the lovely Dolly comes to town and I couldnt resist. She was amazing but its such a crap venue, horrid seating, terrible view, no air con (that I could feel) and for £75:50 you just expect a bit more. I wish she would go to a smaller more intimate venue as that place does her no favours at all.
Country fan, 18/06/14
Arena is good if you sit on the floor space; seats at the back are so far away from the stage and the side seats mean sitting crooked. Plastic seats which are quite uncomfortable after a while. Good atmosphere when full. Very expensive to buy drinks inside.
Dolly Parton (18/06/14) - wonderful!!
What an artiste! Dolly always delivers a brilliant show, singing lots of old well known and loved songs and some new from the new album. Brilliant seats being in the second row but had to stand up and dance along to some of the songs. Considering her age her voice is still as good as ever and she looks so young. Never forgets her roots and the poverty she had as a child but has achieved her ambition in a big way. A wonderful lady and a brilliant night.
Eric, 18/06/14
Dolly Parton (18/06/14) - blue smoke tour
Dolly still at her best with some new songs from the new album called blue smoke and of course some of the old ones that we all know still one of the best country singers one downside she still reminiscences about her childhood
chas, 18/06/14
food ok. lager overpriced and undrinkable. far to cold and tasteless. £9 for two pints and poured one and half pints pints down the sink in mens loo. also no beer available it would seem. we arent all lager lovers, some of us like to taste what we are drinking.
Dolly Parton (18/06/14) - underwelmed
saw dolly parton show and was totally underwelmed. she must be one of the most overated acts ever. first 3 songs couldnt hear her or the backing singers in the mix. the band was far to loud and drowned everbody out. far to much talking and not enough singing going on and if i want to be preached to ill go to church on sunday. also bought 2 pints of lager at the event and payed £9 pounds for them which were undrinkable. icy cold and tasteless.poured one and half pints down the sink in the mens loo. if a sample of this were put in at a vets he would declare that horse as unfit for work. totally disappointed with this event and wouldnt bother turning up to see dolly parton even if tickets were free. totally overated act. if anybody wants to see a class performance catch a neil diamond tour
Garry Walker, 18/06/14
Dolly Parton (18/06/14) - Fantastic Evening
Dolly gave a brilliant show. Love hearing all about her childhood and what her songs mean to her. Loved every minute, cant wait to see her again. The new album Blue Smoke is fabulous.
Raredolly, 18/06/14
Dolly Parton (18/06/14) - A real pro
Dolly has the hits, talent and humour to put on a show to blow you all away. Amazing! Oldies, covers and new tracks were all there.
Review, 18/06/14
Dolly Parton (18/06/14) - Fantastic!
The show that she had put on was just amazing! The venue was slightly dated however there facilities were great! We were very close to the front and she is just someone that everyone has to go see!!! Couldnt fault it!!
jessie B, 26/05/14
Only 10 min walk from our hotel which was perfect, Good seats had good view of the show, food and drinks a little bit expensive but overall great place.
Little Mix (26/05/14) - Brilliant Show
Little Mix were brilliant, my daughter loved it all the way to the end she didnt want it to finish!!!. She loved the way they came down from the roof at the start of the show. Their outfits were good too. Very happy little girl!!.
ruth1, 22/05/14
its easy to get to, to drop off and pick up from.But dont think girls were that interested about the venue itself
Little Mix (22/05/14) - little mix
Got tickets for my daughter and a friend they both had a great time they said little mix were amazing!