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Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
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Kim, 16/09/14
The venue was easy to get to, parking was good and also easy to exit. The only fault was the bar was slow we waited 15mins for our drinks and missed the beginning of the show
Ant and Dec (16/09/14) - Very entertainig
I thoroughly enjoyed Ant and Decs takeaway live at The Metro Radio Arena, there was lots going on to take part in which the audience loved. Ant and Dec were amazing, their guests were good, I cant say anything bad about my experience it was all FAB!
Karen, 15/09/14
Ant and Dec (15/09/14) - Absolutely Fantastic
We had a brilliant night everybody was in good spirits and you couldnt help but get involved with everything on the show.I would most certainly recommend the show to people.
brew18, 15/09/14
This was my first time inside the arena and I was impressed. It was spacious, with good quality lighting, sound and the atmosphere was fantastic.
Ant and Dec (15/09/14) - Great Evening of Entertainment
It was a great evening of entertainment, everything youd expect from the hit tv show. Everything was right, there was lots of audience participation and, as youd expect, lots of singing along. Especially with the return of Sing-a-long Live, which was fantastic. The special guests were amazing and were willing to take part in what the mischievous duo had in stall for them, including the very popular and extremely funny Im A Celebrity, Get Out Of My Ear!. There was a special appearance form Little Ant and Dec, to which we were told would be their only venue, but I was then disappointed to see them (or lookalikes, the picture wasnt great) at the last of the Irish shows. Overall though it was a fantastic experience and one that I will never forget.
Jussa, 10/09/14
Ant and Dec (10/09/14) - Disappointed
Due to the Sunday matinee show being cancelled and those people being moved to the Saturday matinee show the organisation of collection of new tickets was terrible! Why they couldnt email the new tickets like they did the original ones I dont know!! Massive queues around the arena caused over an hour delay to the show. Wed originally booked fab seats on the Sunday only to be given the cheap seats right at the back of the arena! Ashley Banjo had absolutely no Craic as the guest and unfortunately the show was disappointing! I think if you had seats on the floor or nearer the stage it would have been more enjoyable as that is where all the action was.
DeeDee, 10/09/14
We had no problem with parking or the venue but as always food and drink is well over priced. Our seats were good and had no restrictions infront of us.
Ant and Dec (10/09/14) - Absolutely Fantastic show
The whole show was brill from start to finish, even better than the TV show. The lager and crisps kept us in stitches well after they had composed themselves. Great guest even a recording from Robbie added to the nigh though it would have made my night if he was there in the flesh because I had a great seat. Ant V Dec was a good laugh, never realised the competition was as fearce between them. I would definately go back to see them again.
ckc, 10/09/14
I have been to the arena many times before and it is well organised and runs efficently however the ONLY negative I have to say was the heat inside the arena it was ridiculous especially with the 90 minutes delay at the start of the event, children were getting restless and bored and even when a couple of doors were opened it was still like a sauna!! Apart from that good venue
Ant and Dec (10/09/14) - Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway
Having originally booked for the Sunday matinee and then it being cancelled I rebooked ( paying booking fees twice) for the Saturday matinee as a surprise birthday gift for my mam. Initially I was not refunded for booking fees and had to pay these twice until by chance I looked on the ITV webpage and saw that the management had agreed booking fees should be returned the arena didnt advise me of this. The show itself apart from the 90 minute delay at the start due to problems at the booking office, was excellent and really enjoyable Ant and Dec were brilliant and it was a great afternoon. It was like watchin g it on TV well organised audience participation was great.
MANDY1970, 10/09/14
Ant and Dec (10/09/14) - FABULOUS ENTERTAINMENT!
What a pair of professionals these two are - great family entertainment - loved every single minute!
Pamela, 09/09/14
Ant and Dec (09/09/14) - So much fun!
My husband and I had never seen the show but were given the tickets by the GNR organizers (I voluntereed at the opening ceremony). It was brilliant! So engaging, fun, and surrounded by a family-friendly atmosphere. Ant and Dec are clearly experienced hosts, with a great sense of humour and connection with people. We hope to see them again in the future!
Gwen Woodman, 08/09/14
The venue is not good, needs updating. The food and drink are not good and too expensive. This particularly caused a problem when the show was delayed for so long.
Ant and Dec (08/09/14) - fantastic show
Despite a very long delay, and the audience struggling to be patient, ant and dec very quickly got the audience into a great mood. The show was superb, fast paced embracing young and old together. My grand daughter was mesmerized, and totally enchanted. What a great experience for her first live show. Audience participation brilliant, we came home exhausted but totally excited to tell the rest of the family. Thank you. Ant and Dec. Cant single out any special moments, all was great.
carole, 08/09/14
Ant and Dec (08/09/14) - great event
it ws a fantastic night marred only by the poor organisation at the newcastle arena trying to squash 10000 people into the foyer and not allowed to our seats does not work
Phil, 08/09/14
The venue needs a revamp to bring it up to date. It is starting to look very old and dated. The seating needs some attention.
Ant and Dec (08/09/14) - Great Show
They are two great and funny guys, everything about the show was fantastic. The kids and adults laughed all the way through the show. Pity about the late start due to problems with the box office. If it had been a football match it would have started on time. We had to leave early as our train was at 6.20pm spoiled what was a great show.
JNich0, 08/09/14
The Venue was well equipped with toilets, food etc The only let down was the Box Office problems at the start.
Ant and Dec (08/09/14) - Great Event
The Event was fabulous, but there was a huge que at the Box Office and there was a long delay in the start of the show which was disappointing. As we already had our tickets but we were upgraded and taking part in the Shout Out from Ant and Dec we had to stand in the long que to exchange our tickets at the box office and it took nearly an hour!!! far too long and in the end someone from the ITV team had to come out and get us so we could be seated in time.....As it was meant to be a surprise for my husband this element did spoil it. However, the actual Show was great we all really enjoyed.... We will attend further events.
Minilulu60, 08/09/14
Ant and Dec (08/09/14) - Absolutely Fantastic
This show was amazing from start to finish Ant and Dec are amazing loved little ant and dec also guest speaker Alan Shearer The show was so entertaining Ihope they repeat it next year ....
jg, 08/09/14
Ant and Dec (08/09/14) - Newcastle Woes
Took grand daughter for Saturdays Show at Metro Arena Newcastle. although show was due to start at 2:30pm and all travel arrangements made around this, show finally started at 03:45pm resulting in us missing part of show. After paying £104 for 2 tickets, shoking service
leanne, 08/09/14
Unfortunately there was a fight that broke out during the show. Just as little Ant and Dec were introduced. The crowed was screaming fight but it took a while for the staff to turn and see what was going on. I am not sure if they were actuallyade aware of it by a audience member actually having to go and tap the staff member on the shoulder. All because the people couldnt handle their drink, ridiculous when children were around, I drank but its knowing how much to drink at such a public event.
Ant and Dec (08/09/14) - amazing
The show was fabulous from start to finish. It was jam packed with a variety of amazing things, through out the show you feel involved and you never stop laughing. Only Ant and Dec could get that many people cheering over a bag of cheese amd onion crisps! We were always entertained and when it finished all we could talk about for days after was the show. It would be fantastic to see the show all again next year!!!
Mat tie, 08/09/14
Ant and Dec (08/09/14) - A brilliant night
It was a present for my wife and son they loved it. They said it was so true to the show in every way. They had smiles on their faces even when they got home.
Wolf, 24/07/14
The review is clear. The acoustics leave the sound just loud, the tones are lost in the roof somewhere and the voices just harsh. Despite constant complaint nothing has been done, there are so many inadequate viewing points to the arena, instead of bringing in better seating and utilising the floor space better they have installed big screens, isnt that like watching the DVD with dodgy sound? For the money you spend, not even including the vastly overpriced bar, you expect better, much better. The atmosphere was boosted by Elton John so have added a check more than I would have.
Elton John (24/07/14) - Elton John Rocked but the venue...
I have to say from the start that Elton John was a take it or leave it artist for me but that was before the concert, live was just an unbelievable experience. The feeling and enthusiasm he performs with is just incredible. His band compliment him perfectly. Songs I hadnt really had much time for took on an entirely different meaning and was genuinely moved to tears by some and lifted from my seat for others. Elton was 5*and then some, the venue however isnt. The acoustics just dont work well and there are some vantage points that are very poor, so much floor space was left unused and what could be am intimate and rich sounding venue is made cold and alienating. It can be simply fixed but never has been, big screens are the sticking player fix and it just isnt the same. Elton John was fantastic, incredible and Im sure could have played another hour without fatigue and I would have loved it. The venue just isnt good enough, it needs to spend money getting the acoustics right. Oh and the bar prices are phenomenal, if you need a drink get one from the many bars on the way in. Even the bar staff, friendly and polite, were apologetic. A special mention for Bright Light, Bright Light who were excellent. Clever and meaningful lyrics thoughtfully performed. They are an incredibly underrated band that deserve this platform. Have I said Elton John was incredible?
First Time Elton Attendee, 08/07/14
Elton John (08/07/14) - Excellent Performance
Great performance from the artist and the band. Music of the highest level. His voice was great, as was the piano playing.
Elizabeth Murray, 08/07/14
Did not enjoy the venue the acoustics were terrible, could not hear the words of the songs from both support group and Elton John.
Elton John (08/07/14) - Elton John at Metro radio Arena Newcastle
I am sorry to say I was very disappointed with Eltons concert, was so looking forward to this venue. We could not hear the words Elton was singing as the music was so distorted it drowned out his singing. Having paid £150 for two tickets we think the organisers should have done a lot better with the sound quality. As a result of this we left after 1 hour, as a result of this I do not think we will be back to the Metro Radio Arena. yours sincerly E.Murray
paul Walt, 04/07/14
My 1st time. Drinks were a little bit to expensive. Our seats were fantastic even though quite far from the stage. My advice would be, check out the layout. Everything else I was really pleased with.
Robbie Williams (04/07/14) - awesome
A gift to my gf. Robbie was fantastic. Seating was great. Drinks were a little pricy but it was a special occasion with memories to last a life time. Now you cant put a price on that.