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Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
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Rachel, 03/12/14
Metro Radio Live (03/12/14) - Good Gig
Good selection and variety of acts in the line up; all of which were good. Ed Sheran was definitely a highlight of the event and was an amazing start to the show! Tickets prices and booking fees did make the event quite expensive - especially if buying for a group of people but it is worth going to see the amount of different artists. Was much less Christmas spirit and atmosphere compared to the previous year.
debs, 02/12/14
John Bishop (02/12/14) - great show
excellent show, very funny !!! Bought the tickets for my parents 5oth wedding anniversary and was not let down, they loved it. Would definately book again.
Rach, 02/12/14
Alfie Boe (02/12/14) - Brilliant!
I went with my husband as an early Christmas present to each other...Alfie didnt disappoint. His voice was amazing and he had great rapport with the us all up dancing!! Even when the crowd heckled him(nicely, of course), he laughed along with them and carried on! His whole show was fantastic and I would definitely go and see him again. Wonderful!!
Graham the anchorman, 01/12/14
John Bishop (01/12/14) - Brilliant Bishop
Saw John Bishop at Metro radio arena at Newcastle,it was brilliant.he was so professional,it was really good entertainment,the place was packed and I never heard anyone moan about his performance,it was really a fun filled night,well done John.
anne, 01/12/14
Alfie Boe (01/12/14) - fantastic
Alfie Boe did not disappoint, he was excellent, he sang for over two hours the crowd joined in great atmosphere great night, cant wait to see him again.
FlissH, 01/12/14
John Bishop (01/12/14) - Not as good as usual
I love John Bishop and he makes me giggle. Not this time, though he was funny he resorted to more rude jokes which I dont have a problem with. They just werent as funny as usual. Slightly disappointed.
rachael, 01/12/14
Metro Radio Live (01/12/14) - ed sheeran made the night!
i wasnt going to go until i seen that ed sheeran had been confirmed , the show without him headlining it wouldnt have been worth the money , i think the arena can do better than some of the acts that were on and nicole sherzinger as show closer was never going to work ,, half the arena left before she came on , i have been going last few years and unless better acts are secured well in advance i wont be going again
Karen, 01/12/14
Food/drink v.expensive...but suppose thats to be expected. This year, sat in tiered seating, to ensure kids could see..which was GREAT. Would have been even better if ticca-tape/ streamers/fake snow etc. were showered across tiered seats, not just infront of stage, as there were, lots of kids in audience,( who all love that kind of thing ), and our seats cost the same as front floor seats, ( expensive !! )
Metro Radio Live (01/12/14) - perfect
All 7 of us had a great night. Ages from 10 to 48 !! .All had different favourites. Shame that people began to avoid car queues ?... part way through Nichole Scherzingers slot, as she was fab, and traffic was a 4/ 5 min queue, not worth missing show for atall. Will be back next year no doubt !
lisa, 01/12/14
Key 103 Live (01/12/14) - brilliant event
what a fab night brilliant xmas present for my son,daughter n 2 nieces ed sheeran was brilliant :D so glad we traveled to newcastle for it kids havent stopped talking about it
Pammy, 01/12/14
Dont usually like the sound set up here but for Alfie Boe it was spot on! Worst thing about this venue is the seating SO squashed and little leg room!!
Alfie Boe (01/12/14) - SUPERB!
Brilliant night, great atmosphere and great mix of songs. Thoroughly enjoyed it Alfie has great humour and stage presence. Thanks for a brill night!
Ginge070, 01/12/14
Major let down was the quality of the bass speakers as said above either broken or over driven causing distortion. Seating plan is really well layed out Food was avg quality,quantity for gig venue price but soft drinks are over priced at £2.20 for 500ml bottle, security staff were in large numbers but not intrusive and very helpful
Metro Radio Live (01/12/14) - Outstanding line up
Ed Sheeran was amazing, sigma was outstanding, Jess Glynne and clean bandit did a great piece only let down was the Bass it was either overdriving or the speakers were broken as there was masses of distortion over all was a great night looking forward to next year
Christos, 01/12/14
The seats we purchased almost a year ago were not in service and we had to have other seat- they were ok but I dont understand why we were able to buy the seating originally if they were not going to be used!
Alfie Boe (01/12/14) - Fantastic performance
Alfie was fab such a great voice- he maybe could banter a bit more with the audience but his performance was excellent The support act was Sole Mio- 3 boys from new Zealand who could definitely belt out a tune- would love to see them again
Beefy, 01/12/14
Floor seating not that good , but not a bad venue . Food didnt smell or look to appetising so I gave it a miss . Wine and beer tasted fine I still think the old city hall is much better for sight lines
John Bishop (01/12/14) - Above Average at best
I dont know if I was the only one who notice how bad he was the first 15-20 mins . He was so bad I thought he was drunk / ill or something else !! The show got better as it went on and on the whole it was a enjoyable night out .
Becca, 01/12/14
I love this venue seating is great. The security are always present and the lighting and stage settings are always good
Metro Radio Live (01/12/14) - Amazing
Metro radio live was amazing, not one act was disappointing. Was a great atmosphere all night. I enjoyed it that much that I came home and purchased tickets for next years show because I enjoyed it that much. Lets hope the line up is as great next year as this years. Nicole scherzinger rocked it !!!
sarah mae macmaster, 18/11/14
WWE Live (18/11/14) - amazing!
greats show! took my boyfriend to the see the stars as an early birthday present and it was fantastic, I think I enjoyed it more than him haha
MOJOJOJO, 18/11/14
Plenty of food and drink stalls around, normal prices for venue. Lots of people wanting to be in and out of seats all the way through, lots of us getting fed up with missing some of the moves and dancing.
Kylie Minogue (18/11/14) - Fantastic Event
The whole concert experience was fantastic, Kylie came over as a really friendly person, who actually was interested in her fans. The lights went up twice in her concert for her to see us, she went round the crowd to see what was going on and what banners where around. Kylie picked out a few people to talk too. The main 2 I remember was a man who wanted her to sign his tattoo. After taking him on stage she was flabbergasted to see her on his tattoo and she happily signed it. The other was a girl who was turning 16 in 2 weeks, Kylie invited her on stage and took a selfie with the shaking and tearful young girl, who Kylie hugged and spoke to. For me this added to the amazing night of old and new songs, great costumes, dancers and a lot of bopping about by me. I went with my daughter, who tagged along for company and she is now a fan. Well done Kylie. xx
louise smillie, 18/11/14
WWE Live (18/11/14) - great night
the show was fantastic great seats merchandic reasnable programm fair price food good venue 5mins from the hotel great as my wife not good at walking
Lissles, 17/11/14
Kylie Minogue (17/11/14) - Fab
Kylie has still got it! Last saw her in the 80s and I swear she hadnt changed. Whats not to like? Shes a professional and sounded great. good crowd interaction which I think is really important as well. Well worth it and would recommend.
Jolly Julie, 17/11/14
Kylie Minogue (17/11/14) - Disappointiing
Was really looking forward to Kylie but was left disappointed with this show. The sound didnt seem right in Metro Arena and there was just no atmosphere, almost all the fans were sat down!! Didnt know many of the songs, would have preferred more of her hits. Some songs were too sexual, a lot of young girls at the show and it all seemed a little too OTT. Strobe lighting was a bit too much at times, could hardly look at the stage they were that blinding. All in all was expecting a better show
Darren, 17/11/14
great night spoiled by security guards getting in the way and refusing to listen to reason. We pay extra for the close seats and yet feel like it was not worth it at all.
WWE Live (17/11/14) - Amazing night, shame about the security staff!!!!
The WWE show was amazing, my 9 year old son thought it was great like the last 2 times we have been. We always get the seats right next to the barrier where the wrestlers enter the ring so he can see them up close and even get a high five from them. This time we were met with a very stern security guard who refused to move when they came past so that my boy and the surrounding kids could get in to high five the wrestlers and even stood in front of them while the show was in the ring blocking the view of the action. I asked nicely more than once to which each time i was answered with a shook head. its not as if my 9 year old was a security threat. I do understand the need for security but when the show is mostly for the kids its also nice to have an understanding. I,m not sure i will be paying the extra for the close seats in the future.