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Oran Mor Glasgow
4.7 (3 Reviews)
Acoustics & sight lines
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Maggie, 24/09/13
The Temperance Movement (24/09/13) - Fantastic
The Temperance Movement were on fire in Oran Mor, Glasgow. They absolutely rocked the place and once again came out at the end to meet their fans. Theyre going to be mega and deserve every success. Cant wait to see them again.
Bobby1962, 23/09/13
Good size, not too full (it was sold out). Good sound, easy to find.first time there. Will be back, depending on gig!
The Temperance Movement (23/09/13) - Lightning strikes Twice!
Wow, what a gig! Saw them at the Electric Circus first time. Could 2nd be better? It was, great show. One of the best. Looking forward to Liquid Rooms in November.
ThePhantom, 23/09/13
Great acoustics, good view to stage...cosy feel....parking outside... easy to get round (even when full)...toilets clean.
The Temperance Movement (23/09/13) - AMAZING LIVE
The Temperance Movement will be around for a long time. Love their new album, already waiting on the next one. This band are so tight live. A MUST WATCH for all Rock Fans.