Plymouth Pavilions - Parking

There are two Car Parks within close proximity to the Plymouth Pavilions. The Plymouth Pavilions own Car Park that holds 115 spaces and 6 bays for disabled patrons. The Western Approach Car Park, adjacent to the Pavilions contains over 1000 spaces and is linked by a direct walkway into the Pavilions. Please note that the following charges were correct at the time of publication. The Plymouth Pavilions are not accountable for any changes in price after this time.

Pavilions Car Park:
Daytime Charges: Mon-Sun including Bank/Public Holidays: 8am-10pm
£1.20 up to 1 hour
£2.20 up to 2 hours
£3.30 up to 3 hours
£4 up to 6 hours
£8 over 6 hours (all day)
Limited coach parking is also available - please contact 0845 146 1460 for further details. Western

Approach Car Park:
Daytime Charges: Mon-Sun including Bank/Public Holidays: 8am-10pm
£2 up to 2 hours
£3.50 up to 4 hours
£5 over 4 hours (all day)
Please note; the Bridge Link into Plymouth Pavilions from this car park will open 90 minutes before the start of a show or event.


Recent changes by Plymouth City Council to payment arrangements in Western Approach Car Park; now a 'pay on foot' site, have caused potential delays for our customers, particularly when returning home after busy show nights.

It is therefore strongly recommended that, if intending to park in Western Approach, you come a little early and complete your payment in advance - by using the 'Pre-payment' option on the various pay stations located within the Car Park, noting that the PCC machines take credit/debit cards, notes and coins. The covered walkway connecting the venue to the Western Approach car park opens 90 minutes before a show, and will remain open after the show for customers to leave.

Should you forget to pay in advance and don't wish to face a long queue, it may be advisable to use alternative pay on foot stations other than to queue for the one at the end of the covered Bridge Link to/from the Pavilions (located on the link level, just above the steps down to the British Heart Foundation shop).