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Anni [Stan], 04/06/14
Rock City is still a great venue to see a band, you could never get that sort of emotional atmosphere at a big venue. Sorry cant review the toilets ~ didnt use them, but was very impressed with the fair price of the drinks
Graham Parker (04/06/14) - Wonderful, a step back in time
Parker and the Rumour have not lost their old magic, was so excited when they started up with Fools Gold and Hotel Chambermaid, was transported back to 1978, (couldnt stop my self dancing/pogo-ing) my only disappointment was that they didnt wind-up with Long Emotional Ride..... some of their new stuff is just as good as some of the old.... Fantastic Night (and it was great to be back at Rock City after many years). I had surgery the next day - if it had gone wrong I would have died happy!
neil white, 16/12/13
Rock City is the perfect rock venue. Ive been going for 30 years plus and never seen a bad gig. Lots of bands seem to enjoy the atmosphere. There is a balcony if you dont want to get too involved, but its not open if the gig is undersold. Views from the back are great. The carpets are delightfully sticky, the loos are a bit basic, but hey, its a rock venue so it works! The staff are great, the security find a good balance between allowing moshing etc but throwing out the idiots. Drink prices are a bit random, you never pay the same for the same round! There are plenty of bar staff, all with good lip-reading skills. The house PA and lights are excellent, bands always sound great.
Black Star Riders (16/12/13) - superb show
With only Scott Gorham left from the original Thin Lizzy line-up, a name change was probably a good idea, but boy, can these guys rock. The standard of musicianship was outrageously good, but they played as a band and were very polished. Starting with the title track off the new album All Hell Breaks Loose, the set was a brilliant blend of Thin Lizzy songs old and new together with tracks from the new album. Ricky Warwick makes a fine front man, and with him on guitar as well, we had a three guitar version of the classic harmony-guitar sound. As well as playing fantastically, the guys actually looked like they were enjoying themselves. Plenty of audience involvement, we were left wanting more. Top show.
Tarpers, 22/04/13
Rock City was well organised, which made the enjoyment so much more. The security whilst visible was low key.
Saxon (22/04/13) - Fantastic Evening
With Redline opening the evening, I had not seen these guys before, but would now recommend them. They were followed by The Quireboys, who were clearly out for a good evening, They were a bundle of fun and were clearly enjoying the gig. Then came the Main event Saxon, Nibbs was just a bundle of energy, while Doug and Paul were on their best form, Nigels drum solo was enthralling. But what can you say about Biff, he conducted the crowd and the crowd responded with both new songs from Sacrifce along with pretty much all of their classics. A really good night was had by all, the bands and the crowd.......All in all will definately see them again....