First conceived when Stuart Galbraith worked for Live Nation, the Sonisphere Festival began to take shape in 2007, when Galbraith spoke to heavy metal band, Metallica, about plans for a multi-day metal-rock festival in the UK or Europe. He wanted to bring 40,000 to 60,000 fans together in one location for a massive concert with multiple bands.

Sonisphere Festival tickets sell fast. Those who want to attend, whether for a day, a weekend, or at multiple locations, are urged to purchase Sonisphere tickets as quickly as they can. Most of the festival dates are for two days, though the concerts in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Greece are only one day festivals, so not all bands will be playing, due to time and space limitations.

There are no best Sonisphere Festival tickets: they are all good. You determine which stages you want to watch and when, and which bands you want to follow. Be sure to pick one or two new ones, along with your favourites. The camping option is excellent if you have bands on both days to hear. It allows you to stay through the festival, rocking out to the music and making new friends.

The 2012 Sonisphere Festival will build on last year’s, so it is sure to be even bigger and better than before. Don’t miss out!

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