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Stone Sour - Tickets

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Stone SourLEEDS
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Thu, 30/11/17
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    Stone Sour
      5 stars, from 1 Fan report
  • Brighton - Brighton Centre


    This is Forever! - Corey Taylor from Danny Leon, 17/11/10
    After a mind-blowing and energetic set by metal giants Avenged Sevenfold, we all waited in anticipation for the headliners of the night in Brighton: Stone Sour. In the minutes leading up to the bands performance, the arena was filled with the cluster of fans and the sweet sound of classic rock tunes over the PA. When the final note of the legendary We Will Rock You solo was struck, the lights immediately dimmed, and the white curtain in front of us was illuminated with bright white and red lights, projecting the Stone Sour logo. The crowd grew anxious as we knew that Stone Sour was only seconds away from hitting the stage. And when it happened, when the curtain finally dropped, we were greeted by the musicians playing the explosive intro to Mission Statement. Corey Taylor stood centre stage with his arm raised high, and roared for us to get our hands in the f***in air. Right from the off, the band consumed the crowd in its energy. I was right in front of guitarist Josh Rand, but had the pleasure of seeing Shawn Economaki rockin out and Jim Root run by us and play a few sick solos. At one point, Corey even spat a fountain of beer in my general direction, which is pretty much something any metal fan could dream of. A few songs in, Corey motioned at the cameras around the arena and told us that Stone Sour were recording a live DVD right there, that night, which made the night even more special. The set-list was immense, ranging their entire catalogue, playing many well known classics like Get Inside, Through the Glass, Made of Scars and some new songs from Audio Secrecy like Say Youll Haunt Me (which I consider one of Coreys true masterpieces) and the unforgiving Unfinished. Just before playing one of my favourite tracks, Your God, Corey got the entire crowd to mimic the noises he made, and when it became quite ridiculous, Corey merely smiled and said thats been captured on film! This is forever!. He then made us sing and hold a long note, before breaking into the cult opening What am I supposed to do now? and the band going full throttle. The main highlight of the night, though, must have been the hauntingly melodic Bother. Corey stood alone in the middle of a dark stage with a guitar, just one spotlight illuminating his presence, and the second he struck the first chord, the crowd went into rapture. Just before the end, as the crowd sang the high-hitting harmony Once I hold on, Corey simply raised his hands to applaud us, before breaking into tears himself. I knew, deep inside, that he was thinking of Paul Gray, as was probably every other dedicate fan such as myself. With a few songs left, Corey initiated a challenge to the crowd, to do what he called the Wall of Dance. The concept was that the crowd, during the penultimate song Hell and Consequences, had to break out into the most ridiculous dance that would be captured on film for the DVD. The result was hilarious. Just before the final song, Corey, in his classic manner, pointed out the crowd asking if we wanted one more song, to which we all reacted frantically. The final song of the night was the Grammy nominated 30/30-150, with which the band annihilated the arena, bringing the dead generation to new levels of euphoria. At the end of the tumultuous set, the other musicians marched off stage, one by one, leaving Corey to bid us farewell, and he did so in the perfect way to end a perfectly chaotic night: by flipping us off as he, himself, made his way off stage.

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Stone Sour was originally formed in 1992 by Corey Taylor and drummer Joel Ekman. Taylor's long time friend, Shawn Economaki, joined shortly after, and filled in as the bass player. The band had played clubs and bars with various different guitarists - often filling the position for just one show. During this time, Stone Sour recorded two demo tapes...
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“masters of ass-kicking” - Alternative Press

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