The Acorn Penzance - Accessibility

The building has two auditoria:

a main auditorium, which has a balcony with 53 fixed seats and a flexible stage and seating area, allowing seating for up to 150 people

a smaller downstairs auditorium with movable seating (maximum capacity 80 people) and adjoining bar.

The building also incorporates a foyer area, toilets, a small office, dressing room and recording room and a downstairs storage area. It has wheelchair access (balcony not fully accessible) via the side of the building into the main auditorium, and there is a lift giving access to the lower level. There is also an adapted toilet, and the building is equipped with a hearing loop.

There are some limitations on the use of the building. It is impossible to soundproof it, and as it is surrounded by houses and flats there is a limit on the licensable operating hours. Additionally it is not practical to hire out both floors at the same time for different events because noise carries between the floors. However, the building has many positive features that make it an ideal venue for small scale performance. It has level access, making for an easy get-in for visiting companies, and because it has high ceilings it is able to accommodate tall sets.

We are currently able to meet most technical requirements, and the flexibility of the space enables us to adapt it to meet a wide range of companies’ space requirements. For events that attract smaller audiences the balcony can be closed, making for a more intimate experience for both the audience and performers. Both auditoria have good acoustics, making them ideal venues for music, theatre and the spoken word.

The Acorn has a quirky charm that makes it an attractive place to hire for private parties and lends itself to celebrations.