The Legendary Tony Joe White

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    The Legendary Tony Joe White
      4 stars, from 1 Fan report
  • Bilston - Wolverhampton Robin 2


    A pity about the venue! from hypermick, 12/07/14
    We went to the incredible Tony Jow White at Bilston! (yes - really). The tickets said doors open at 7pm, but the venue insisted 7:30. Then no-one on stage at all until 8:30. A quite talented support act who had really good guitar skills was deeply ruined by a pair of men who thought their animated discussion much more inmportant than the performer. Hadnt even the decency to keep quite when pleasantly asked to do so. Did not even move to the bar to talk and no consideration for others. Support finished at 9:15, then Tony arrived at 9:30. Did a wonderful performance, even impressing the pair to keep quite. However, there seemed to be a lot of feedback fromm the sound system as too much reverberation distorted the wow-wow too much. Between songs it was still possible to hear the 50Hz hum. Tony was great. He and his drummer did an excellent job and performed many of the songs we all loved so well, as well as ones off his new album. A pity he missed out Even Trolls love rock and roll but other than that a really good session. He left and came back for encore of 2 songs, and that was the end. The venue drinks prices were reasonable and the food was OK, but the staff were not really interested in helping the audience, and did nothing to make it a pleasurable experience. I would NOT go back again, having travelled all the way fron Leeds. Tony somewhere else - probably.