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Nicky, 05/07/14
We liked the venue, but it was a bit tricky finding our seats and we had to disturb a lot of people for us to sit down.
Eric Clapton (05/07/14) - Good guitarist, but spoke not a word!
My husband and I went to see Eric Clapton on Sunday. 22nd June. It was our 25th wedding anniversary celebration and my husbands 68th birthday. Erics guitar playing did not disappoint. It was as clever as usual and extremely slick. However, we did think he could have introduced the band, or even thanked them. We had no idea who they were until we looked it up on the internet after the show. We thought it was rude not to say hello and it would have been helpful to have introduced the songs or said a bit about them. We enjoyed the venue though. We would certainly visit the First Direct again.
Mad Phil, 05/07/14
Very expensive food and drink. Having said that, an otherwise excellent venue for a show of this magnitude. At last the really top acts can come to Leeds; in the past weve had to travel to Manchester, Sheffield or London to get to see top line entertainment.
Eric Clapton (05/07/14) - All Time Great
What a show on my first visit to the new Leeds Arena! Top class music played by top class musicians. We were treated to many of his classics - hes been around for 50 years, so he couldnt play them all in a 90 minute set!. Different class. Say no more.
Martin J Scott, 04/07/14
Eric Clapton (04/07/14) - Awesome
Just to be in the same building as Eric was amazing, but to hear him play and sing just blew me away. Eric Is God!!!
Peachy, 04/07/14
Great venue. Great view wherever you sit. I love the fact its in the centre of Leeds with good parking and great transport links.Brilliant for Leeds. Long overdue.
The Eagles (04/07/14) - Great event!!
Best concert ever! Fabulous musicians. 31 songs ..the numbers just kept coming & coming. Brilliant venue as well.
Fifi, 04/07/14
Parking horrendous we were told it would take an hour to get out of the car park though it did actually only take half an hour. Massive queues to get into the arena and again had to queue to get out. Dont bother with tickets on the third tier, the stage is a long way away and the screens are small and our middle screen view was partly blocked by speakers. The seats are very steep and very long rows so you have to get up constantly to let others pass. Would pay more next time and get seats at floor level. If you park get there early to get a space on a lower level in the car park.
The Eagles (04/07/14) - Amazing show
Fantastic musicians and a brilliant show. The acoustics were very good and I would go again if I had the chance.
Alberts mum, 04/07/14
First visit to Leeds arena quite impressed , great sized venue with good views of stage, easy access, lots of parking close by but........ Long queues to get in slow to move would have been a nuisance if weather was wet
The Eagles (04/07/14) - Amazing!!!
The History of The Eagles 3 hours of hits sounding just as good as they did in the 70s. Amazing night of music loved every minute!
Jaysholme, 03/07/14
The stewards were s**t, once the main auditorium lights had gone down, basically they asked you to go find your seats by yourselves once they had pointed in the correct direction, even though the row numbers were definately NOT VISIBLE in low lights. Tier 3 - handle rails - one minute there are there and then they not!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT IMPRESSED WITH VENUE
Eric Clapton (03/07/14) - No audience commuinication
EC hardly talked to audience eg introducing his band, just did his guitar playing then obviously wanted to get back to his hotel
Max, 03/07/14
Eric Clapton (03/07/14) - Wonderful Night :)
Eric Clapton played not only popular songs, that was interesting! Moreover almost all songs were played in blues style. That was something new for me. The thoughts that Eric Clapton stopped progressing were blown away. Do want to thank him for that gig! Hope that was not the last concert of Eric Clapton I have visited.
Mr A C Dykes, 03/07/14
The Eagles (03/07/14) - Fabulous !!
To see The Eagles live was a fabulous experience. It was, however, very disappointing that we were not allowed to take a photograph which would be a lasting memoir of a great evening. They need to think of the fans who have paid @ £150 to see them. All the staff at the Arena were polite and helpful. All in all it was a fantastic evening.
Les Artios Davison, 03/07/14
The Eagles (03/07/14) - One of the best Concerts We have attended
Absolutely Fabulous, Plus First DIRECT ARENA, LEEDS, UPGRADED OUR SEATS, so we had a fantastic view, front row on the balcony, The concert was staged brilliantly, Fabulous night from 8-00pm until 11-30pm.
Lesley Reall, 03/07/14
Eric Clapton (03/07/14) - Could have done better!
We eventually get a chance to see the great Eric Clapton and wish hed tried harder. Whilst musically he could not be faulted, it was a disappointing show. To start with: the support act whilst ok were on stage far too long being an hour in total; at no point during Erics short 1 1/2 hour stint did he introduce his co-musicians; apart from a solitary thank you after singing Wonderful Tonight, Layla and Tears in Heaven, Eric at no time interacted with the fans who had paid on average £60 to see him.
Slybones, 03/07/14
Extremely friendly and helpful staff was a major plus point. However, seating uncomfortable (why have arms on chairs when the arms are too low to rest your arms on?) Bad accoustics in auditorium caused a tinny echo from the back of the hall during all quiet passages.
Eric Clapton (03/07/14) - NOT AS EXPECTED
Eric failed to connect with the audience - no chat - not even an introduction to the members of the band. One hour thirty five minutes set too short for an artist of this stature and popularity (over two and a half hours from Paul McCartney!) Bad accoustics in the auditorium detracted from enjoyment.
Peter, 03/07/14
Eric Clapton (03/07/14) - Good concert, but.......
I have seen EC several times, the first was in 1978 when no less than Muddy Waters was supporting him. This concert was as I expected, the music and guitar playing was very good, but there was absolutely no acknowledgement of the audience apart from good evening and thank you between songs. The rest of the band also seemed a bit down (even Paul Carrack. who normally likes a bit of banter). I know they have been touring the world, and even Clapton admitted that he is feeling the strain these days. The acoustic set in the middle was really good, and some of the notes were played so powerful and sharp, that they seemed to hit you. There were no apparent sound problems unlike the previous night at Glasgow. So, a good concert but I wish the he and the band would at least make an effort to look like they are glad to be there.
HippyChick, 03/07/14
First time at the venue and thought it was brilliant - long awaited and welll worth it. We sat quite a way back form the stage but the vie wwas still great and sound quality fantastic. I was impresed with the organisation and even though there were loads of people getting served at the bar wasnt the normal scrum. One point in the above scores - I didnt drive to the venue so cant really comment on the parking but a friend did and said it was fine.
The Eagles (03/07/14) - Brilliant - Best Concert Ever!!!
A group of 8 attended the concert of a variety of ages. All of us are pretty regular gig / concert goers and without fail eveyrone agreed it was one of the bets if not the best concert ever seen. The whole production was really well thought out and put together and the way the guys came out onto the stage in the sequence they joined the band was such a clever touch. Glen and Don were in fine singing form, Bernie and Timothy showed why they were asked to join and Joe Walsh - well what can I say - mad as a box of frogs but what a Legend! Every song was a masterpiece and all the old favorite. Its been a long time since i laughed and cried at a concert so thank you guys - it was emotional!
Angie Mc, 03/07/14
I love the venue because it is local, its not a barn of a place and is clean with good facilities, unfortunately my last visit was marred by the touring production not appreciating the view if the stage from the right hand floor seated areas.
The Eagles (03/07/14) - Fantastic Concert shame about the view
The concert was absolutely fantastic unfortunately our view was blocked by a black wall on the right hand side of the stage. I had paid top price for tickets and didnt expect my view to be restricted! Quite a few people were moved from the same area after complaining. Unfortunately we arrived just before the start and the staff wouldnt or couldnt deal with our complaint. I have been in touch with the venue who have now dealt with my complaint and also passed it on to the touring production team, I am still waiting for a response from them. The Eagles lived up to all expectations it was just a shame the view was restricted, not what you expect for top price seating!!!
Rob, 03/07/14
This is a first rate venue! Stewarding now more efficient than when it first opened, plenty of bars, merchandising stalls, etc. and an escalator to the top floors. The sound quality is superb!
The Eagles (03/07/14) - The History of the Eagles in full!
The Eagles came and performed a history of their greatest hits and more, a show that included 27 songs from their extensive back catalogue and lasted 3 hours with a comfort break in the middle. The main songwriters of The Eagles, Glenn Frey and Don Henley, talked to the audience, built up a rapport and explained the background to some of the songs, and introduced band members one by one as they joined them on stage, including a man well known to law enforcement agencies and hotel owners around the world, Joe Walsh. This was a very polished performance and a totally well thought out show, with video backdrop to the songs and a subtle set lighting, giving us, their fans, exactly wanted we had come to hear in an arena where the sound is superb. Totally brilliant, loved all of it! Set list: Saturday Night, Train Leaves Here This Morning, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Witchy Woman, Doolin-Dalton, Tequila Sunrise, Doolin-Dalton/Desperado (Reprise), Already Gone, The Best Of My Love, Lyin Eyes, One Of These Nights, Take It To The Limit, Wasted Time (Reprise) Pretty Maids All In A Row, I Cant Tell You Why, New Kid In Town, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Heartache Tonight, Those Shoes, In The City (Joe Walsh song), Lifes Been Good (Joe Walsh song), The Long Run, Funk#49 (James Gang cover), Life In The Fast Lane. Encore: Hotel California, Take It Easy, Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh song), Desperado. Latest news in USA Today is that this tour has grossed $145 million so far and has just announced it will go to Australia and New Zealand in Feb/March 2015. A fantastic show!
Bramley Rhino, 03/07/14
The Eagles (03/07/14) - Absolutely Brilliant
Fantastic 3 hours of Entertainment. Fully lived up to our expectations. The Eagles put on a great show spanning their entire catalogue.
Alan, 03/07/14
The Eagles (03/07/14) - Superb Concert
One of the best concerts I have ever attended. They sang all there songs - well known and not so well known - and were on stage for about 2 and 3/4 hours. The atmosphere was fantastic and the acoustics were brilliant, Only downside was the arena got very hot.
Annie54, 03/07/14
The Eagles (03/07/14) - Fantastic!
The concert was absolutely fantastic. No gimmics, no support act, it was all about the music and the songs. Joe Walsh was brilliant. At three hours long we certainly got value for money too!
Alpal, 03/07/14
Eric Clapton (03/07/14) - The bare minimum
I was really disappointed with EC at the Leeds gig. He didnt really put any effort in. A few songs, boring versions, nothing very special at all. I am a long time fan and wanted him to do so much beter than this mediocre performance