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Roger Hodgson - Tickets

Roger Hodgson - Tickets

Roger Hodgson, the legendary singer, songwriter and voice of Supertramp, returns for three magical evenings in May 2017. Performing at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham on 18 May, and two nights at the Royal Albert Hall, London 20 and 21 May.

“I love touring now more than ever and feel like the luckiest man alive playing songs that have so much meaning and enjoyment for me and giving people a break from life's problems for two hours in concert.

“I used to create albums with the intention of taking the listener on as powerful a journey as possible, often spending weeks finding the best choice and running order for the songs. Now people rarely have the time to listen to a whole album or CD, but in concert, I have their attention for two hours to make magic, make people laugh, cry, to take them on an emotional ride that is more than just entertainment.” Roger Hodgson.