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Cirque du Soleil is an artistic entertainment company based in Canada, dedicated to the creation, production and performance of artistic and acrobatic works. They employ over 4000 people from around the world, including 1000 artists. It was founded in 1984 by a group of street performers in Quebec, including Daniel Gauthier and Guy Laliberté, who wanted to create a new venue for their passion.

Since its creation, over 80 million people have been entertained by the various shows put on by Cirque du Soleil. Each show is a combination of circus styles from across the globe with its own theme and storyline. Cirque du Soleil performances are appreciated by people of all ages, so why not get Cirque du Soleil tickets for the whole family?

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    Cirque Du Soleil
      4.6 stars, from 16 Fan reports
  • Nottingham - Capital FM Arena Nottingham


    amazing from happyday, 11/11/13
    What an amazing evening, it had it all, humour, music, acrobatics, expertise, talent beyond all realms, music I can go on for ages. the costumes were amazing too, beautifull to say the least. the director Franco Dragone has done an amazing job, also has everyone else from set design to composer and musical director and more. The show was absorbing from start to finish, kept you on your toes to the end. the tension filled the air when any of the artists where performing, keeping you on the edge of your seat, I was applauding all evening, as everything deemed applause. After each section had performed they came to take applause, they looked aloof as if to say come on I did well, but in a good way, and they got there just deserts applause never ending. And at the end of the evening when they all came out to receive our applause I will be honest and say it brought me to tears, I have no idea why, the lady beside me too cried, tears of pure happiness of sharing such a magical and brilliant show. many many thanks to all that contributed to making it a memorable event, I had only come out of hospital 2 days earlier with a serious lung infection, but would not miss the show for anything, it did my spirits the world of good. I once again say please go and see the show and thank you to one and all.
  • Leeds - Leeds First Direct Arena


    Amazing! from Phil, 31/10/13
    What a fabulous way to spend 2½ hours. The new venue is brilliant, Im sure there isnt a seat with a poor view in the house and the acoustics are great. As for Cirque, absolutely amazing! What some of those guys achieve I would have thought would be physically impossible. The clowns were hugely entertaining as well. Tied in with brilliant staging and great musicians, superb! Thanks everyone.
  • Leeds - Leeds arena


    Amazing!!! from Joolieboolie, 28/10/13
    A wonderful, magical, amazing show. Everyone who sees this show is bound to love it. The artists will leave you gobsmacked!!

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