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The Vamps

The Vamps have announced a brand new 2017 tour and it sounds – AMAZING!

Their production promises to be their best yet. There’ll be a gigantic stage with runways and ramps that will take the band to all parts of the arena floor. The staging will also feature two pits; the ‘Wow Pit’ and the ‘Brad Pit’. The Wow Pit is a semi-circle standing pit located directly at the front of the stage, surrounded by additional stage ramps. The 2nd pit, called the ‘Brad Pit’, will be located at the end of the main runway, where the band will come further out into the crowd to play and interact with their loyal fans.

Since The Vamps burst onto the scene in 2013 – debuting at numbers two, three and two with their first three singles (‘Can We Dance’, ‘Wild Heart’, ‘Last Night’) – the four talented young musicians have barely stopped. Their debut album, 2014’s Meet The Vamps, was another smash, followed 18 months later by their second album, ‘Wake Up’.
U14s must be in seats with an adult
br> Doors 6:30pm

The Vamps
Mon, 01/05/17, 19:30  
Metro Radio Arena

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