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The Gay Men's Dance Company Charity Gala - Tickets

The Gay Men's Dance Company Charity Gala - Tickets
The Gay Men's Dance Company's first annual variety showcase, starring The GMDC members from London & Brighton, their Choir and Pole dancers, plus special guest acts. Join us for an uplifting evening of fun and frolics, joy and jazz hands, as we take you on a journey through song, dance and spoken word reflective of gay life in 2017.

The GMDC opened in September 2015 and has quickly grown to 18 classes a week in London & Brighton covering 4 different disciplines: dance, drama, pole dancing and a choir. With over 300 active members, our performers range from experienced dancers to our newest members making their performance debut.

All proceeds go to the Alex Scurr Foundation, raising money for LGBT charities and organisations in London. Through the ASF’s help, financial support will be provided for combating homophobia, chemsex and substance abuse. Improving sexual health/wellbeing throughout the capital, both prevention and fighting stigma of HIV, and mental health issues from depression and anxiety to relationship-building will also be included. The Alex Scurr Foundation aims to create a healthy and connected LGBT community.

"A joyous and uplifting inspiration of what gay men can achieve together. Not only was the dancing captivating to watch, each number assembled with insight and expertise. The story of community that emerged from the spoken personal anecdotes were deeply moving. The GMDC may be viewed simply as a dance class from the outside, but evidently to its members the company provides both an outlet for passion and a treasured space of friendship, solidarity and love" - Patrick Cash, Attitude & 56 Dean Street